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Picaflores: The Nerve Endings of GOD - Audiobook Excerpt
20th December 2021 • Mystic Ink, Publisher of Spiritual, Shamanic, Transcendent Works, and Phantastic Fiction • Matthew Pallamary
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 Picaflores: The Nerve Endings of GOD is available as an e-book, a full color special print edition, a black and white print edition, and as an audio book.

Matthew J. Pallamary’s magical, otherworldly, intimate connection with the spirit of Picaflor comes from two decades of visionary journeys experienced within the context of shamanic plant diets in the Peruvian Amazon where he says it was first gifted to him by the spirit of Condor. Pallamary relates to the Spanish name of Picaflor which means to bite or sting flower which is the common reference used by the Shipibo Indians, mestizos, and other groups he has worked with in Peru.   

In his visionary journeys he has been blessed to experience reality filtered through a shamanic world view where everything is energy, and from this magical point of view the word spirit and energy mean the same thing. He says that if you see the world amplified through the lens of this timeless supernatural perspective, you will gain insight into the profound ways that plants, animals, and insects communicate with us and each other.

According to the lore of the jungle, by sharing in the vibratory field of the animal's spirit energy, in a state of surrender on that entity's terms, that animal learns from the human by seeing things through human eyes while the human learns other modes of perception from seeing things through the animal's eyes.

Pallamary says that he flew first as a Condor, then as a Hummingbird into sublime and exquisite high frequency realities exploding with neon luminescent pastel manifestations that defy description.

Manifesting as air wrapped in light, every aspect of the physical and essence energetic of Picaflor is high frequency, not only in their external displays of high frequency color, song, high speed wing hum, and feather trills from their tails, but internally in how they see, hear, metabolize, and burn energy at high frequencies.

Other than their bigger hearts, huge lungs, and brains, they are mostly made from air, the elemental defined as and representative of spirit, and they are masters of air. If they existed and manifested at frequencies higher than what they do, they would disappear into invisibility beyond our perception, truly becoming pure spirit.

 Is it any wonder that they are considered to be the nerve endings of God?

Picaflores: The Nerve Endings of GOD also contains a treasure trove of pre-Columbian myths about hummingbirds and an in-depth collection of amazing facts and figures about these magical creatures. Although the content of the book’s formats are identical, the stunning preternatural beauty of hummingbirds can best be seen in the full color print edition, while the full color e-book edition contains active links to video listed in the printed editions, and the audiobook version has the added sounds of hummingbird hums, chirps, and buzzes.