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151 _ Building On The Bad with Bryan and Erin Kerr of Kerr Woodworking
Episode 15129th January 2024 • Building a Furniture Brand with Ethan Abramson • Ethan Abramson
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This special episode is with Bryan and Erin Kerr, owners of Kerr Woodworking. If you want to hear the full story, behind how Kerr Woodworking got started, check out the show archives - episode 150

Bryan and Erin make beautiful furniture. The meticulous attention to detail in their work is one of the many reasons clients continue to reach out to them and how they have been successful over the years.

But what about when parts of that furniture are out of their hands? When they have to source materials, and the pieces they get aren’t on par with the work they need to do? As their furniture continues to rise this has become a problem for the couple. One they needed to deal with if they were to continue to be successful. 

The story of how Bryan and Erin are dealing with this scenario is what we cover in this episode.

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