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28. Simple Ways to Connect to Your Intuition with Cassandra Rosa
Episode 2814th November 2023 • Confidence Counsel • Monica Burkoth
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On this week's episode of Confidence Counsel, Monica sits down with Cassandra Rosa, certified life healer and intuitive business coach. Together, Monica and Cassandra unravel the layers of this innate, often underutilized, resource that resides within each one of us. But what exactly is intuition, and why is it crucial for millennial women to cultivate a connection with it?

Join us as we demystify intuition, breaking down its definition and understanding its roots in our daily lives. The episode explores practical ways for anyone to tap into their intuitive selves, offering tools and insights that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily routines.

  • 04:35 Cassandra's Introduction
  • 11:45 What is intuition?
  • 13:30 The different ways you can connect with your intuition
  • 31:00 Cassandra pulls a card for Monica and for YOU!

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Guest Bio

Cassandra Rosa is a certified life and healer and intuitive business coach. She helps spiritual entrepreneurs create fulfilling lives and impactful businesses. In her coaching practice, she loves to teach her clients how to clarify their path to their purpose, connect to their inner confidence, and create the fulfilling business they daydream about. Cassandra Rosa is a Reiki master, an award-winning speaker, and the award-winning author of the book Now What: Create the Clarity to Achieve Your Dreams. Cassandra also is a podcast host of a personal development and business podcast called Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur. It’s available on all major podcast platforms! Check out her website to learn about her signature course Fulfilled Femme Entrepreneur.

Connect with Monica:

IG: @confidence.counsel

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