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Audio Whiplash 55: One Of Them Is A
7th November 2016 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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On a great new episode of Audio Whiplash the lads have a lot of ground to cover. There's a story in the news regarding a vegan parent losing their child under the guise of "neglect". Do parents using alternate diets have a responsibility to feed their kids meat until they're old enough to make their own decision? Later on, Montreal Police get out'ed as the world finds out they tracked a reporters phone using it's GPS in order to find that reporter's source. Another log on the fire of the long burning debate over law enforcement vs personal privacy. Do cops simply have to "be better"? Or is your phone up for grabs? Man. So much to unwrap in this one so let's get in to it!

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TCA 1000!

Don’t forget that the thousandth episode of Tall Can Audio podcast will drop Monday August 8th. Matty Laing, Michaela Schreiter, Rob Christy and Matt Robinson will all be in the TCA Studio together for the very first time. Don’t miss it!

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