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1-54 Forum New York 2018 | Archiving Distance
Episode 14th May 2018 • 1-54 Forum • 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair
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1-54 Forum New York

4-6 May 2018

Archiving Distance

Lyle Ashton Harris (Artist) discusses intimacy, collective memory, and photography with Ekow Eshun (Writer and Curator). Harris’s archive of 35 mm Ektachrome images registers ephemeral moments and emblematic figures from the late 1980S and early 1990s against a backdrop of seismic shifts in the art world, the emergence of multiculturalism, the second wave of AIDS activism, and incipient globalisation. Harris and Eshun will discuss the archive and other projects in relation to the 'unfinished business' of mourning in the African Diaspora.

Image: © Katrina Sorrentino