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10 Tips to UPGRADE your Friendships
Episode 1718th September 2023 • Intentional Conversations with Robin May & Friends • Robin May
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And the conclusion of the matter is….!!!! Yes, sis…this is the final part of our series on Friendship and during this Episode I am going to share with you TEN TIPS TO ELEVATE YOUR FRIENDSHIPS!

Let’s take a moment to reflect. Over the course of FIVE EPISODES (including this one) we have been focused on “Friendship Therapy” : Unpacking the dynamics of Adult Female Friendships!

And today, I am going to share with you TEN strategies to help you strengthen your friendships.

Now, get ready because I am keeping it real with you….We are talking about how NOT to be a NEEDY friend, to understanding that sometimes you need to INTRUDE on your friends to TIP number TEN that I believe is the game changer for this entire series.

I want you to listen in on this episode and then share with me which of these TEN TIPS is your strength, which one do you need to work on and what tips did I miss?

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