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204: Are you Right for the Job?
10th February 2020 • Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast • Gretchen Bridgers | Education Podcast Network
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If you are a teacher in transition or distress, have no fear! This challenging season you are navigating will not last forever. In fact, the quicker you can jump to action for becoming the ideal person for your dream job, the faster you will be able to claim it as your own. Tune in for some solid advice on becoming the right hire and 3 tips for making that a reality right now.


  • You cannot control who someone else is or isn’t, but you can control who you are and what you stand for and what you allow in your life.
  • Wake up and DECIDE on your attitude, perspective, work habits and output.
  • You have control over you and what you do and how you are showing up.
  • How you think about yourself is what you radiate into the universe.
  • You can break free from this bondage of a bad situation.
  • How you position yourself coming from a negative situation means all the difference.
  • If you position yourself as someone worthy of the dream job, it will be granted to you.
  • Focus on forward momentum.
  • Stay focused on your goal and that will help you navigate challenging situations.

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