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My New Podcast: AI FOR HUMANS
Episode 1729th September 2023 • Way Too Interested • Gavin Purcell / LightningPod
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Hi everyone!

Hope y'all have been doing good in the <checks notes> two years since I last updated this feed with a podcast.

I *adored* doing Way Too Interested and I'm so thankful to all of my guests but at the time it turned out to be too much for me to do on a weekly basis. However, I'm not giving up on the idea of doing it again in the future!

For now, I'd like to introduce you to my new podcast "AI For Humans" which I make with my old pal Kevin Pereria. The two of us worked on G4's Attack of the Show together and have stayed friends ever since.

"AI For Humans" is a podcast about helping normal humans examine and understand the new and ever changing world of generative AI. We attempt to be your guide and demystify a lot of what is happening in that space.

The show is weekly and we're already on episode 25 and I think you might like it!

If not, we'll the download was free.

You can find AI For Humans on all podcast platforms, socials and at our website. Links are below!

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