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London Drugs Refuses Hacker Ransom + Robotic Super Limbs in Space | TF381
Episode 38128th May 2024 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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Amber and Michael discuss the following topics with their guests: why some of the world’s top tech companies are setting their eyes on the future of education; how robotic super limbs can help astronauts; why Microsoft’s new recall feature might be a wee bit scary; and how putting away your phone during weddings this summer may be the new norm.

Links to this week's stories and discussion:

  • [09:21] Dwayne Matthews: LinkedIn Article
  • [18:49] App-tastic
  • [27:02] Erik Ballesteros: MIT Article
  • [36:56] Microsoft’s New Recall Feature
  • [43:03] Putting Your Phone Away For Summer Weddings

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