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Balancing It All for a Healthy Lifestyle with Ashley Rice
Episode 384th November 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode of Elite Achievement Kristin introduces Ashley Rice, a momma and fitness expert who makes up half of The Lavender Lifestyle with her sister Jocelyn Gaddie. The Lavender Lifestyle is dedicated to helping women find balance between life, exercise and healthy eating so they can step into their power and become who they were always meant to be.

In this episode, Ashley shares her expert advice on leading a healthy lifestyle, finding balance and much more.

Episode Highlights:

05:40 We could guide them from start to finish and help them not only transform their body but their mind. It’s so much more than a physical transformation – we’re helping women completely transform the way they think about themselves.

07:14 I learned that the magic happens in the consistency. If you’re consistently showing up for yourself, that’s when you’re going to see results.

11:26 We see women come to us and get started with fitness and they become much more confident not only because they’re seeing physical changes, but because they’re doing something for themselves.

13:06 You’re not always going to find motivation so the biggest thing you can do is just start.

17:33 We are really big on “No Foods Are Off Limits.”

22:57 When our clients come to us, the first thing we teach them is to appreciate something about their body. Find something that they love and focus on that.

27:13 It’s all about balance. You may not get to a physical goal as quickly as you had planned, but you are going to enjoy life and you’re going to be able to sustain your fitness plan.


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