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S5 EP140: Skye Waters - Part One - PBA Host/Induction/Epidural/Birth Trauma
Episode 14013th February 2024 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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Welcome back to season 5 of PBA. We’re kicking this season off with a two-part series. In this opening episode, I'm taking you on an intimate journey through my own experience of childbirth. We'll explore the transition from maiden to mother as I recount the birth of my daughter - a journey that, while filled with challenges, taught me invaluable lessons about myself.

This episode delves into my unexpected journey through an unplanned induction and the typical cascade of interventions that usually follows. I'll share the profound ways in which this experience peeled back the layers of my personality, revealing depths I hadn't known before. We'll discuss the crucial roles of mindset and the art of surrender as I navigated self-inflicted challenges leading up to my birth. And, I'll explain why even methods considered to be natural "inductions" should be approached with the understanding that they are, in essence, interventions.

Join me as I dive into these insights, unpacking the wisdom gained from navigating the turbulent waters of my experience. My hope is that by sharing my story, I can offer insights that will resonate with and empower my listeners on their own journeys.

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