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Don Apolonio Cortés (English)
Episode 1424th September 2021 • Si Yo Fuera una Canción (If I Were a Song) • Elisabeth Le Guin
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A personal philosophy of radical self-sufficiency has served him well during a life full of movement and displacement. Yet almost in spite of himself, Don Apolonio has remained in Santa Ana for 20 years, and become a community activist. And doing this, he means to live until he’s 200 years old!


__________________________________________________________________Amado Nervo

Wikipedia (English) 

A fair number of works by or about Nervo are in the public domain and available through the Internet Archive: 

__________________________________________________________________Bible, Timothy 1 & 2

In English I used the King James Version of 1611 (with modernized spelling) because I love the way it sounds. 

_________________________________________________________________ Radical self-sufficiency

As well as Biblical roots, Don Apolonio’s philosophy has notable predecessors in the 19th-century New England transcendentalists

 “Self-Reliance,” Ralph Waldo Emerson (essay, 1841) 

“Walden Pond,” Henry David Thoreau (essay, 1854) 


Blue Navajo & New Age Music

Le Guin, Elisabeth. "Uneasy Listening." repercussions 3.1 (1994): 519. 

  • an academic article about New Age music, by your Program Host. English only.

__________________________________________________________________ THRIVE CLT/fideicomiso 

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“Community Land Trusts and Stable Affordable Housing”

An informative article published by the Federal Government’s Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (English only)


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