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Simon Rowell, Sports Meteorologist & David Hall, Wild Roseland
Episode 518th April 2020 • Roseland Podcast • Roseland Podcast
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Welcome to episode 5 of the Roseland Podcast 

I’m Chloe, your host, and this week on the podcast we’ve got :

  • Two interviews 
  • Simon Rowell, Meterologist
  • David Hall, Wild Roseland

If this is the first episode you’re listening to you can find and listen to the podcast at, on iTunes/Apple Podcast, on Spotify and all other podcast apps.

VE Day 75th Anniversary 

The 8th May is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, so Lindsey and I thought we’d try create an episode all about VE Day.

So do you have memories of VE Day, stories to tell relating to VE DAy? We’re open to ideas - so please do get in contact with us via

Interview time!

There are many of us who work for ourselves and do some rather interesting jobs from the Roseland, things you just wouldn’t know were going on in here if you didn’t know. So it’s great to be able to shine a light on all sides of Roseland life with the podcast.

My first guest today falls firmly into the “doing something really interesting from a shed on the Roseland” category.


If you’re doing something interesting in a shed on the Roseland - that we can talk about on the podcast! Then do get in contact - as we’d love to hear from you.

In our last interview for this episode, we’re diving into nature with David Hall from Wild Roseland.


David’s Recommended Resources:


Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:

Monthly feature article:

Bird Songs:

Lindsey and I are always on the hunt for more people to interview - so if you’d like to come on the show and talk about your group, your hobbies, your job, tips you’ve got for coping with lockdown - we’re interested.

The first step is to drop us an email to with your ideas and any questions you’ve got.

And at the moment we’re particularly interested in anything VE Day related.

Everything is recorded in advance - so we can edit lots!

You don’t even have to be willing to come on the show - if you have a recipe for a great drink, or meal, or a great tip please just email it in and we can read it out for you.

I hope this will help us all feel a little less alone, and a little bit more aware of how our community is pulling together.

If you want to make sure you hear the rest of the shows then bookmark, and look for us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your usual podcast app and subscribe. 

Be kind and stay safe.