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Episode 21: Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky - The Distillers Edition
Episode 2128th August 2020 • Liquor and Liqueur Connoisseur • Matt Birchard
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Episode 21 features Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky - The Distillers Edition. This double matured, 10 year old scotch is bottled on the Isle of Skye. At 45.8% ABV, or 91.6 proof, it's the expected proof for a Talisker.

Enjoy this episode with a wee dram!

Talisker's official website:

Brief Historical Timeline:

  • 1825 - Brothers Hugh & Kenneth MacAskill arrive on the Isle of Skye
  • 1830 - Talisker distillery is founded
  • 1857 - Donald McLellan takes over from the MacAskills
  • 1866 - John Anderson takes over the distillery
  • 1880 - Alexander Allen and Roderick Kemp take over
  • 1892 - Roderick Kemp sells his share in Talisker and buys Macallan
  • 1916 - A consortium formed by John Walker & Sons and John Dewar & Sons take over
  • 1925 - Consortium evolves to become Distillers Company (DCL), an ancestor of Diageo who currently owns Talisker
  • 1941 - Shut down due to war rationing
  • 1960 - Still house is destroyed in a fire
  • 1972 - Floor malting ceases at Talisker

Key Cocktail:

Neat, with a bit of water if you like.

Talisker recommends trying the spirit with seafood, in particular shellfish.


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