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BTS Yet to Come in Cinemas: Chasing that concert feeling
Episode 1541st June 2023 • Dramas Over Flowers • Saya, Anisa, and Paroma
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Saya and Paroma went to see BTS's concert film, Yet to Come in Cinemas, which took place in Busan on 23 October 2022 and released in cinemas worldwide in February 2023. We talk about the boys, the music, the fans, and our good and bad experiences at the cinema. Check out the official trailer here.

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ScreenX trailers: Run BTS version, Dynamite version

One of our favourite performances: Mic Drop & Run BTS Stage CAM @ BTS “Yet To Come” in BUSAN.

Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) Official MV


00:02:42 Why did BTS put on a free concert?

00:08:07 Comparing the different cinema release formats: ScreenX vs 4DX.

00:31:24 How a good crowd makes a concert (ft. 'Yoongi Marry Me!'), and Everybody Hates Teenage Girls.

00:40:28 BTS eats the stage with our favourite songs; lifting the spectre of enlistment, and winning the struggle to be acknowledged as artists.

00:53:35 Seriously, a good crowd makes a concert.

00:59:10 Reflecting on our BTS journey. Comparing the different ways we engage in (and with) fandom.


Episode 139: BTS: The Cost of Authenticity

Episode 140: Youth MT: The Reality of Korean Variety (Ft. In the Soop: Friendcation). In the Soop: Friendcation is where it all started, tipping Saya down the bangtan waterslide, into the mikrokosmos.


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This episode was edited by Saya.

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