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Game-Changing Mental Skills: Lessons from a World Series Champion (Joshua Lifrak)
Episode 272nd November 2023 • Dugout CEO with Casey Cavell • Casey Cavell
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In this episode with Director of Performance Limitless Minds and President LIFT UP Consulting Joshua Lifrak, we delve into the key aspects of personal development, emotional intelligence, and building an ideal team.

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  • The Pressure to Succeed: The conversation explores the immense pressure athletes feel in high-stakes situations, such as the World Series, and how they manage it.
  • Mindset and Mental Training: The role of mindset and mental preparation in sports performance and how it can be applied in various aspects of life and business.
  • Handling Success and Failure: Strategies for responding to both success and failure, including staying grounded and maintaining a winning mindset.
  • Leadership and Team Dynamics: Insights into the leadership and team dynamics within a sports team and how these concepts can be applied to leadership in the business world.
  • Goal Setting and Performance Enhancement: The process of setting goals, working towards them, and continuously improving performance, focusing on concrete facts and neutral thinking.

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