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Internal and External Personal Wealth
Episode 322nd June 2020 • The Millionaire Road • Dr. Doug Firebaugh
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How Wealth Impacts Your Prospects Decision.

You must be thinking about and decide upon Wealth for your Home Business.

What you have Decided Radiates to your prospects.

The prospect feels, Confidence, Knowing,, Expectation, Conviction.

Some prospects would love to walk down The Millionaire Road with you.

The 5 Step Wealth Path. What it is and how it works.

The 2 Foundational Forms of Wealth.

  1. Internal Wealth. What the prospect FEELS from you.
  2. External Wealth. What the prospect SEES and HEARS from you.

Your Internal DRIVES your External.

What they are and how they IMPACT the prospect emotionally and psychologically.




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