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Coming Next Week: The Science of Change Is Back
Trailer15th February 2022 • The Science of Change • SetSail X StudioPod Media
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Next week, behavioral scientist and co-founder of Irrational Labs Kristen Berman returns. This time, she’s sitting down with even more product pioneers and thought leaders from your favorite apps. 

You’ll hear conversations with guests like former Netflix product head Gibson Biddle as Kristen gets to the bottom of binge-watching. Listen to marketing powerhouse Kira Wampler breaking down how Lyft got us to ride in cars with strangers. VP of Webflow and former product leader at Airbnb explains how their review system created trust for both hosts and guests alike. And CPO Bert Lui from SetSail is changing the sales game, with an all new incentive system - rooted in none other than behavior science. And that’s just the beginning. 

What do these conversations tell us about our own behavior? What can we learn from the impact these apps have had on how we behave? And what tactics could be beneficial to your product? Kristen answers these questions and more with this 8-episode run taking us from February to mid April. So get ready to deep dive into The Science of Change! 

This show is presented by SetSail and produced by Kristen Berman and Studio Pod Media. The executive producer is Rachel Roberts. All episodes are written by Jack Bueher. Music and editing provided by nodalab.