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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 70, 30th August 2021
Chapter 70. Between You and Me
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Chapter 70. Between You and Me

So it turns out my new favourite thing is that, whenever we get to an episode of TCD that ends in a zero Dave Meegan turns up!

And that of course is both a real treat and very, very cool…

And of course it allowed Ant to go to town, honing in on the mixing process of This Strange Engine before turning to Dave’s memories of writing & recording Anoraknaphobia.

It’s a bit of an epic, and it’s rich with insight and I hope you get something from it.

Love (n’missing mixes of Circular Ride),


P.S It’s quite a diary excerpt this time, which we would like to dedicate to our purple members, you will be able to work out why. Albert sends his regards x


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