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Ep 135: Can Mentorship Boost Your Well-Being? With Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz
Episode 1357th June 2022 • The 'So You're A Vet... Now What?' Podcast • With Dr Moriah McCauley
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For this week's episode of That Vet Life Show, Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz joins Dr. Moriah. 

Dr. Marcus is an ER veterinarian at PETS Referral Center and a mentor for students and young veterinarians. In addition to being a mentor, Marcus is also a Social Media Creator for pet parents.

After graduating from Purdue University College of Veterinary Practice in 2018, Dr. Marcus began his career in veterinary medicine at Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic. Marcus worked with a wonderful team of veterinarians at a beautiful Pismo beach for more than three years before joining PETS Referral Center as an Emergency Veterinarian.

During this episode, Dr. Marcus shares his story from being a veterinarian student to becoming a friendly face on social media for pet parents and a mentor for veterinary students. Dr. Marcus and Mo discuss the value of mentorship in professional development, emphasizing the importance of feedback and communication.

Listen in as Marcus discusses his mentorship story, which started not in a vet hospital, but on the field during an ultimate frisbee match. He shares how the mentorship he received at his first job helped shape who he has become as a veterinarian and mentor.

He talks about what his mentorship looked like and why it’s important to define the style of mentorship you need in your first job.

Outline of this episode :

  • [01:02] Moriah begins the episode on a humorous note by mentioning Dr. Marcus's special pet, Charlie.
  • [04:28] Dr. Marcus shares his journey as a veterinarian, from being a vet student to becoming a veterinary mentor.
  • [09:05] Dr. Marcus talks about his experience with his Mentor, who, at the time, was also the hospital's owner and medical director.
  • [13:12] How can mentoring aid in the development of a professional communication style that includes the correct tone, body language, and facial expression?
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  • [14:58]The episode resumes with Dr. Marcus and Dr. Mo discussing how Mentor and Mentee communication can be a confidence booster.
  • [16:51] How does a role of a Mentor change from general practice to an Emergency Veterinarian role.
  • [17:48] Marcus talks about the habit of proactively seeking feedback he developed in veterinary school.
  • [19:35] Dr. Moriah and Dr. Marcus discussed the value of feedback in the field of veterinary medicine.
  • Dr. Moriah also emphasizes the importance of being proactive in seeking feedback.
  • [22:15] How to take care of own well-being while working as a Veterinarian. Dr. Marcus shares a story of how he met his mentor for the first time at Frisby Field.
  • [26:00] What should be on your priority list while going for a job interview? The importance of mentorship in a job?
  • [27:50] Dr. Marcus discusses what influenced him to become a Mentor for students and young veterinarians.
  • [31:41] The episode concludes with Dr. Moriah thanking Dr. Marcus Dela Cruz.

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