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Episode 122nd March 2022 • The Free Ranger • Myles McDonough
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Welcome to The Free Ranger, a podcast about telling the stories that matter. On this podcast, we’ll be learning about storytelling from the people who turn important issues into stories: the writers, filmmakers, marketers, and other professionals who weave together the facts to create compelling narratives that make a difference.

In this, our inaugural season, we’ll be looking at Stories of Stewardship–how people create powerful stories about our planet and its natural resources. Today’s episode focuses on telling the story of our air.

We’re thrilled to welcome Kate Winkler Dawson, senior lecturer in broadcast journalism at the University of Texas, Austin, and host of the true-crime podcast Tenfold More Wicked. Kate is the author of several books, including Death in the Air, a historical narrative exploring the Christie killings, the Great Smog, and the media’s response to the two stories. During our talk, Kate gave us her take on the Smog, the murders, and the art–and ethics–of good storytelling…


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