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108: Belonging: The secret weapon of business with Stephanie Brady
3rd June 2022 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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‘’We're fighting in this war of talent. Google are coming in and knocking on the door of our people, Microsoft and Amazon too. We're losing our people to huge organisations and I don't have the weapons to keep them but I do have one great weapon, which is belonging.’’ – Stephanie Brady.

Welcome back to Happier at Work. This week, Aoife is delighted to be joined by HR expert and enthusiast Stephanie Brady. Stephanie is an experienced HR leader with seven years of experience steering the HR agenda in Retail inMotion (IT/ Retail/ Aviation). But that’s not all; Stephanie also runs StephBe – a safe haven where she shares her passion and ideas, and helps people transform their lives and businesses through her coaching services. For Stephanie, when it comes to self-development and tapping into self-potential – the sky’s the limit!

In this episode, Aoife and Stephanie discuss belonging: the secret weapon of business, how Covid-19 shook the travel industry overnight, Stephanie’s fertitlity journey, supportive work environments and so much more. The main points throughout include:

- An introduction to Stephanie Brady.

- Breaking into a new industry.

- The concept of belonging in the workplace.

- War for talent and employee retention.

- Supportive and family-like organisations.

- How to maintain company culture in a hybrid/remote working world.

- Dealing with imposter syndrome and the sense of not belonging at work.

- Allowing time to adapt and settle into a new working environment.

- Importance of aligning personal core values and work values.

- Handling hardship and challenges at work.

- Stephanie’s personal fertility treatment journey.

- The power of kindness at work.

- The benefit of setting clear expectations and having honest conversations.

- What Happier at Work means to Stephanie.


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