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Chaos Around The World with Verena Radlingmayr
Episode 184th April 2022 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Chaos Around the World - Interview with Verena Radlingmayr

Verena Radlingmayr has a diverse body of education, training and experience… from Law and Quantum Physics, to Holistic Therapies and Neurolinguistic Programming for Children. She joins Calming the Chaos Podcast from Vienna, Austria to offer her insights about the unexpected, random and chaotic events that are occurring in the world today, and the psychological impact these events have on the people she treats. Verena also offers some tips and tools that can help people of all ages calm their chaos.

Verena works online and internationally with people and helps them find direction in life through identifying their strengths, values and developing resilience through chaos. Verena’s work is built up on the belief that your core values play a major role in achieving whatever you really want in life. Verena’s values of courage, strength, resilience and hope can help you transcend the images you see of destruction, desolation, sadness and loss, and can help you find your way through dark and chaotic times, and into a brighter future.

Notable timestamps:

3:20 - How Verena got to where she is today

5:25 - Ooops..I am not meant for a career in law

6:10 - Quantum physics

9:00 - I did well, listened to my gut

12:55 - Use your transferable skills!

17:04 - There is a lot of chaos in the world today! Pandemic Overly Tired Exhausted

21:20: Developing Resilience

24:25 Universal core values, 1) kindness and 2) Protection of nature

This is what the children want: “A kind world that respects and cares for nature”

32:00 Reduce the time you spend with news – limit your exposure to it so that you are well rested and less stressed

36:35 Our prayers for all of Europe

37:30 – Learn to appreciate what you have each day

43:17 – Explore your own values by creating a “Values Map”

45:35 – Have more fun in your life

46:00 – We have more in common with each other than we don’t

48:00 – “Carefrontation” Perhaps a German version of this word?

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