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Thrive series: Signs your body needs a reset
Episode 627th April 2022 • Healthy & Thriving Career Mums • Wendy Griffith
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Wondering why your mood is low? Or maybe why your belly is always bloated?

These are some of the signs that indicate your body needs a reset. 

Join me in this episode of the Healthy and Thriving Career Mums Podcast to find out whether your body is in need of more of your attention and learn where to start to see significant improvements.

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You're listening to the healthy and thriving career moms podcast where every week, you will learn about healthier habits and hacks to create and support a healthy and thriving lifestyle. As a busy mom. I'm your host Wendy. And I truly believe that the best gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy thriving you. Let's dive in


Are you struggling with tiredness, maybe bloating, and you may be feeling a bit more anxious, irritable than usual. Maybe you're craving lots of sugary food right now and you just generally feeling low in your mood. Or maybe your skin's really breaking out and it just looks really dull and gray, or these could all be signs that you need a reset and specifically, a gut resets because


your guts could be affecting your mind and body more than you realize, which is what we're going to get stuck into in today's episode. So Hi lovely and welcome to today's episode where I'm really going to get deeper into the topic of gut health. So many of you got in touch with me after my recent episodes on morning routine, and me talking about how I do my morning gut green shots and just asked me lots of questions about it. And so really,


I thought it was time to do a really dedicated episode on gut health and why this is so important to our overall health and well being. And this really comes from a personal story, my own personal story and as somebody who a decade ago really struggled with bloating, like to the point of absolute pain, like almost looking like I was pregnant as somebody who sort of had those fluctuating moods and really at one point thought, am I depressed because I had this low mood I was feeling really anxious a skin was breaking out you know as somebody who struggled with acne throughout the teens during weight through their 20s


It was only when I discovered information about gut health that I really started to turn for health and well being away around. So it was only when I discovered about gut health that I was able to fully turned my health around to become healthy to become thriving, which is why I'm so passionate about this topic and sharing it with people because you'd be surprised how many people say to me, I just didn't know this and that's the thing I didn't know about it.


of modern medicine more than:


And that's not surprising when you consider that your gut is alive. It contains trillions of microbes who that live inside your gut. And don't panic. These are not alien invaders, but these are friendly bacteria and fungi and when they live in the right conditions with the right numbers. It really helps to regulate your health. But without them you would not survive. But the food you eat and the lifestyle you live can affect that really delicate balance within your body.


So if you find that you are someone who's experiencing on a regular basis, fatigue, just that tiredness that you know tiredness to your bone that you just off every day is a struggle, headaches, gas and bloating, heartburn, maybe a regular bowel movements issues when you eat certain foods and just causing severe bloating, brain fog forgetting things just always just confused.


sugar cravings wanting to eat all the carbohydrates, all the chocolate Easter eggs everything and skin breakouts or just dulled skin in general, you know the whites of your eyes looking though this is because your gut could be out of balance and it really does have an effect on your mental well being. So there is this connection between the gut and the brain.


There's a reason your gut is called the second brain there is this nerve that runs right from your brain down to your gut. So when you get that gut feeling listen to it because it is that connection. But the thing is, when your guts out of kilter when it's out of whack and it's working so hard to try and process and do all the things it needs to do at the epicenter of your body is


trying to detoxify all the bad stuff that you're putting into it. So it is really difficult for your gut to do what it needs to do because it's under so much stress. So things that can really affect the well being of your gut are things like antibiotics stress, lack of water, lack of sleep, eating too much sugar, a bad diet, which is usually too high in carbohydrates and too low in fresh fruits, vegetables, quality protein, and maybe too much dairy.


Dairy is a real aggravator on the gut. So how can we redress the balance so I'm just gonna give you some top top tips here that you can really focus in on just small tweaks you know, I'm all about you know, you don't need a whole new you you just need those two to three healthier habits which are going to help you to boost your gut health. So the first tip is to increase your hydration.


Yes, I know this is a universal thing that people say over and over again, but there's a reason for it. But I want you to do more than the recommended two liters a day. I want you to aim for three or liters a day. Energy comes from hydrating and fueling your body in the right way your body needs that hydration. Our body is made up 75% of water we need to fuel it in the right way. The other thing I'm going to suggest you do is to reduce your consumption of sugar.


I mean if you can give up sugar, processed sugar is what I'm talking about here because our bodies do need a certain amount of sugar for our brains to operate properly, but I'm talking about all the excess sugar that exists in processed foods or chocolates and sweets and crisps and alcohol and all the things that oh so tasty, but just leave us feeling so lackluster.


So this is where you know it really drives me nuts when I see people sort of going on these diet products. Because they're often so full of sugar and chemical nasties. So what I'm going to say is just go back to basics, go back to nature, eat as much natural food as you can food in its most natural form. So I always give the example of what would be better for your body to eat a lovely piece of chicken breast or to eat the chicken nuggets.


I think we all know what is the better option because it's the most like it was always say like eat as close to what it looked like in the original place. So that's where you know fruits and vegetables, humping our body full of those incredible things. Our body just knows what to do with that stuff. When we feed it all the stuff that's not good for us. Our bodies just have to work so so hard. And another thing with diet products or these things is the artificial sweeteners have really been shown in them to increase gut problems.


So it's not just a case of I'm having a diet version of this. It's like actually, this goes for fizzy drinks as well. A lot of people say to me, Oh, I don't have coat I have Diet Coke. Well, that's just as bad I would say probably better off having the full fat coke as I call it then having the Diet Coke because of the artificial sweeteners. So that is a real biggie for me.


The other thing I'm going to suggest is keep a food diary for 14 days ideally nowadays, you've got these fantastic apps like My Fitness Pal where you can really track and the thing as well as track your bowel movements. I know that sounds a little bit gross but genuinely your bowel movements will tell you everything that's going on within your body, stomach issues, headaches that maybe come on when you eat certain foods. You start to build up this real pattern of what's going on in your diet and mapping. Well no, I know what I do.


I know what I eat, and I'm fine. But actually when you start to track it really start to see oh, okay, actually, you know, for me, I'm actually intolerant to dairy. So it doesn't mean I can't eat it but I just noticed that when I do it starts to fix me it makes me quite tired gives me a lot of brain fog. So that's just something to really consider and it could also identify food allergies that you might need to get them tested for and do that or professionally. But this is just a great way to start to see the patterns.


Another thing I'm going to suggest is to start taking a good quality pre and probiotic. And you need the pre and the probiotic not just a lot of them are just either a prebiotic or a probiotic and want that combination and I recommend looking for a plant based one that will naturally support your body's digestive system. So I personally use gut health supplement from


Arbonne because I trust the brand. I know that it has no nasties in it and I can really feel the difference taking that product everyday and that's the one that I do in my Greenshot so if you don't if you haven't listened to that episode, I will link in the show notes and you can see what I do every day to really boost my gut health and make sure that I'm and that's why the greens I use the green supplement to really boost our fruit and veg intake because let's be honest, it's not always realistic to get eight 910 portions of fruits and vegetables a day.


That is actually recommended that the whole five thing that's like being a garden. That's not enough we need 789 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to really for optimum health. So the other thing that you can do is you can get out in nature but get out in nature barefoot, so my little girl is quite funny. Now she knows when I say go outside, okay mommy, and then she takes off her shoes and she says I'm taking off my socks


because actually the grass and it's actually a technique for grounding the grass and soil on the ground has so many fantastic probiotics in it. So we're really, really good. And obviously, if you've ever had that experiment where you put maybe like some peppermint oil on your foot. It's amazing how you'll start to taste it in your mouth within a few seconds because it travels up from your foot up through your body. So it's the same concept when you're running around barefoot in nature.


And you're getting all those fantastic probiotics from the soil. That is really so even getting your hands I mean it's the biggest I've learned nails so whenever I'm gardening I'm like oh no, I put gloves on. It actually will be so much better for me if I can actually just get my hands stuck into the soil so much. So, so good to me. The other thing is to get more sleep because truly that is going to be where your body has the opportunity to rest and restore and repair itself.


And just remember to factor in time on either side, or getting off to sleep and waking up because actually when you consider your body needs for seven to eight hours and we're all different that that sort of optimum time where you are in a deep rest of sleep. So often people say well Oh, that's fine. I'm going to bed at 11 o'clock and I'm waking up at six Well, do you fall asleep exactly at 11 o'clock when you go to bed? Or does it maybe take you until half 11 to fall asleep.


And so actually you're only getting six and a half hours, not seven hours, which is actually what you need optimum health. So that's just something to be aware of. And a way that we can get ourselves to sleep earlier is really to reduce screen time and I know that's always easier said than done. So something that I use on my blue light glasses which I know I've spoken about on previous episodes,


but they've just been such a game changer to block the blue light so that the melatonin hormone can start to release in my body and it can start to make me sleepy so that I actually get to bed earlier. And then there's always the eating or fermented foods such as the sauerkraut kefir is things that contain healthy bacteria is mainly the lactobacilli which is so good and this can reduce the amount of sort of disease causing species in the guts and that's something that the Arbonne gut health has in it.


So that's why I'm such a fan of that gut health supplement. So when we focus on our gut it affects so much so I readdressing your gut issues, your health will benefit your mood will improve as a result of better digestion and getting better sleep and healthy gut may also prevent more sinister conditions developing and now this is just my opinion. I'm not a medical doctor. But I firmly believe that the rise of autoimmune disease conditions that Fibromyalgia is the chronic fatigue syndrome, all these things are very aggravated by


lifestyle and diets nowadays, it's no surprise to me that you're seeing such an increase of those diagnoses, as our diets and lifestyles as a society have deteriorated over the decades. So gut health is something that whenever I'm working with a new coaching client is something that I will always look to establish where where people are out with their gut health Do they understand about gut health?


ay, the second of May, that's:


art to slip from that sort of:


why I love to do these healthy reset education groups because it really helps people to implement healthier habits that are sustainable in their lives, that they're not on a diet or trying to do 1,000,001 things that they're never going to be able to maintain in the future. So this is why I love the education side of it and creating habits or life and hence why it's called the Healthy Habits reset


and I do this for a period of approximately 30 days because this is the time it takes your guts to really start to reset and heal itself. And this is what I find just works really well for me. And so if this is something that you think right I really really need this in my life right now. Go to the link in my show notes or drop me a DM on Instagram and we will chat more. But if anything now that you're armed with this information, you can really start to take a proactive approach to looking after your gut health more.


Because honestly and truly This makes the world of difference. And I was just saying to my husband we were out for a run there at lunchtime saying I just said I'm so looking forward to this gut reset because I just know it's gonna help me in all aspects of my life with my motivation with my energy with my running with everything just feeling so on top of it helps me with my business.


It helps me just with everything and it all starts in the gut. So I hope that has inspired you today to start focusing on your gut health and I hope that's given you some practical tips that you can go away and implement. So I really hope you'll be joining me in the healthy habits reset. But if that's not for you right now, then this may be something that you might want to check out.


Are you ready to start or reset your healthy habits but maybe you're short on time or you're just not sure where to start? You're exactly the person I created by thrive and five mini course call. Reset your healthy habits and just five minutes a day so you can start to thrive in all aspects of your life and health and the best part is it's totally free to get it go to Wendy Griffith dot code at UK forward slash Brian five or go to the link in my show notes for more information.


Thank you for tuning in today. I'm so grateful for you. If this episode has resonated make sure you visit to discover more of my content and my fantastic free resources to support you in Bing. Or if you'd like to continue the conversation further. Drop me a DM by Instagram at when you grow up live healthy. I'd love to hear from you. Until next time, keep thriving.