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Episode 3627th October 2021 • Follow the Woo • Fen Alankus
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Episode 36: Check out this MEGA EPIC episode with John Russell, psychic, paranormal investigator, & published author. John was on the show a few months ago (EP 25) & we talked about so many weird topics that I knew I wanted to have him back.

For Samhain/Halloween week, I thought I'd barrage him with rapid-fire questions about all the WOO. We cover: the fae, vampires, witches, cryptids, aliens, demons, poltergeists, ghosts, necromancy & more!

We also talk about some other weird WOO that he experienced during a recent move, his thoughts on the thinning veil during spooky season, finding the radio frequency that ghosts speak in, and an extremely horrifying experience he had in a horse barn.

Happy Samhain/Halloween, listeners!

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