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Series - Ruddy for War - Part 1 of 2
14th December 2014 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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A 2 Part Sermon Series “Novice” is not a term we naturally gravitate toward in describing ourselves. We prefer “mature,” “experienced,” or “diligent”—just not novice. However, to become a great leader, a novice needs a proving season—a time of preparation, training, and transformation. Using David, the shepherd boy turned king, as an example, this sermon series examines how God prepares and trains Christians for leadership and how it all starts with being a novice. In this sermon, Eric Ludy encourages future leaders with four restraints and four key principles for leadership. You will discover that God delights to use humble, faithful, and child-like men and women to accomplish His purposes.