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Come support Hector Rodriguez and the Texas Latino Comic Con
Episode 821st October 2022 • Queer 2 Queer Cast • Collin Miller
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There's a new hero dealing out a double-dose of justice... No, it's not Batman (well not in this instance)... No, it's not @squidlegs drying his dishes in a Bat Signal shirt on TikTok (@DingleBlatt).... It's not even one of the coolest new superheroes to hit the shelves, our absolutely hunky "El Peso Hero..." It's not EVEN a bird or a plane or a Drag Queen! It's Hector Rodriguez (@el_peso_hero) of Rio Bravo Comics LLC and one of the leaders of Texas Latino Comic Con!

Join the Facebook page here:

Hector is helping Latinx content creators, influencing personalities, and artists share their stories this Saturday (October 22, 2022) from 11AM Central until 6PM Central at the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas. No ticket required! Just come on by in your best costume (or alter-ego disguise ;-) and appreciate the exceptional work on display!

Assemble your #squadgoals crime-fighting team, and check out @TXLatinoComics too!