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Behind the News: Jeremy Campbell's Emmy-Winning Insights
Episode 3516th November 2023 • Get Celebritized • Aurea McGarry
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Dive into the compelling world of broadcast journalism with "Get CELEBRITIZED," hosted by Emmy award winner Aurea McGarry. In this not-to-be-missed episode, we welcome the distinguished Jeremy Campbell, a 24x Emmy Award-winning TV news journalist, straight from his #NY1 news desk in New York City. Jeremy, also an acclaimed author of "Between The Causeways" and "Between The Mountains," opens up about his remarkable journey in the news industry.

Discover the secrets behind his successful career and hear firsthand the true stories that shaped his path. Jeremy doesn't shy away from discussing the pitfalls and challenges aspiring journalists face, sharing crucial lessons to help navigate this dynamic field. From high-pressure environments to the worst-ever moments on the job, this episode is a treasure trove of real-life experiences and wisdom.

But it's not all about the struggles. Jeremy brings a message of hope, focusing on the power of impactful storytelling to change our world and influence laws. He delves into how the next generation of journalists can make a significant difference by broadcasting stories that truly matter.

Moreover, Jeremy reveals the influential figures who played pivotal roles in his career and the life-changing opportunities that propelled him to where he is today.

Tune in to "Get CELEBRITIZED" for an episode filled with inspiring insights, invaluable advice, and the inside scoop on the broadcast journalism world. Whether you're an aspiring journalist, a seasoned professional, or simply a fan of compelling stories, this episode with Jeremy Campbell is a must-watch.

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