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400 Years of the First Folio: Part 2 Creating the Folio
Bonus Episode19th June 2023 • The History Of European Theatre • Philip Rowe
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As my own small contribution to the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the printing of the first folio of Shakespeare's plays in this second episode of a short mini-series I look at the inspiration and motivations for the First Folio and how it was produced

What prompted the creator to produce the First Folio?

Ben Johnson’s First Folio

John Hemenge – Actor and Administrator

Henry Condell – Actor and friend of Shakespeare

Richard Burbage – Just a brief sketch

How the plays existed in print and manuscript and how they were collected

Financing the project

Edward Blunt, Bookseller and his previous work with Shakespeare’s plays

Willian Jaggard, printer and his previous work with Shakespeare’s plays and poems

Isacc Jaggard and his workshop

The printing method

Apprentices and printing errors

Decretive woodblocks

The engraved portrait

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