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Igor Kreyman on Redefining Your Relationship With Fear
Episode 710th September 2021 • The Human Connection Movement Podcast • The Human Connection Movement
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“Fear is your friend, fear will allow you to better understand yourself, to look inwardly and unlock your own innate wisdom .”

In this Episode Igor Kreyman the Founder of The Human Connection Movement delves into how we can redefine our relationship with fear to unlock our creative potential and embody who we truly are.

Igor's advice is to rest into our fear and witness fear as a teacher rather than an enemy, so that we can understand the intelligence that is contained within the feedback that is being communicated. Igor believes that fear plays a role in letting go of everything we think we are, so that we can step into who we truly are.

“Fear is a sword that i keep sharpening, a sword that i may have previously been afraid to hold and command but now my presence becomes a weapon, a weapon of love, a weapon of solidarity, a weapon of understanding, a weapon of conviction, through dissolving all of the labels that i hold within myself, around who i am, what I’m here to do and who I'm here to be.”