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13: On your Huawei
Episode 1331st July 2020 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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The one that got Huawei. We discuss the controversy around the Chinese company and the role it plays in the UK’s network, which has been rumbling on for years. Now it seems to be coming to a head – and headlines proclaiming the potential for the ‘9/11 of cybersecurity’ aren’t helping matters…

Next, we need to do talk about TikTok. Or do we? Is it as much of a sh*t storm as the media is making it out to be, or does all it boil down to good old fashioned paranoia with a sprinkling of personal vendetta from a certain politician thrown in? 

Kev reaches level 10 on the rant-o-meter over his latest findings in F5 – you have been warned – and another two CVEs with perfect 10 CVSS scores hit the headlines. 

Huawei kit to be removed from UK 5G:

Trump wants TikTok ban: