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Reasons to HOPE, with 9-year lung cancer survivor Buddy Cutler
Episode 6029th April 2022 • Man Up to Cancer • Man Up to Cancer
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For today's episode, I was honored to spend time talking to Ed “Buddy” Cutler, who has been thriving for nearly a decade with metastatic lung cancer.

Yep, Buddy was diagnosed nine years ago. Thanks to his self-advocacy and a phase one clinical trial, Buddy has far outlived his prognosis. He has become a beloved advocate for cancer organizations, including the LUNGevity Foundation. He has also made a lot of friends through Moffitt Cancer Center.

A native of Tampa, Fla., Buddy is a proud father and grandfather, a US Navy veteran, and a (mostly) retired CPA and tax consultant.

In this episode, Buddy makes this indisputable comment about screening for lung cancer for people over 50: “If you meet the qualifications, your screening won’t cost a dime, and it could save your life”

He also makes this statement, which is up for debate: “Tampa is the home of the best Cuban sandwich in the world.”

What do you think - Is he right? Check out tomorrow’s show and give us some feedback!


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