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1:05 Bloody Mary
Episode 524th December 2020 • Devil's Trap: A Supernatural Podcast • Don't Be A Dick Productions
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Diana and Liz talk about Supernatural Season 1, Episode 5 - Bloody Mary. You know Bloody Mary, the legend where if you stare into a mirror long enough you see a terrible ghost who rips out your eyes, and not just your inner turmoil. We talk about Sam and Dean confront the ghost. And how Liz confronts this lore and finds the charming town of Whitewater, Wisconsin, where the local beer has amazing branding and once Spiritualists roamed free. Subscribe and find us at


Strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion Perception, 2010, volume 39, pages 1007 ^ 1008 Giovanni B Caputo Department of Psychology, University of Urbino,_Wisconsin)

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