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Noisy Business
Episode 37920th October 2020 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Noisy Business is a Weekly comedy podcast. Where the topics are broad and the points don't matter. We breakdown the latest topics in business in the noisiest way possible. From helping with marketing to the dirty behind the mask theories of the deep corporate state. But really we just want to have fun.




The audio is good, but your first two minutes is inside jokes about what episode it is (who cares?) You finally announce what you're going to talk about but can't stop interrupting each other so the pace of the show is painfully slow. Let people know where they are going, and get to the point. Then you can yuck it up. This episode was supposed to be about people being naked in a library and you're talking about Latina Aids awareness. You also have the "curse of knowledge" which means you know each other and have inside jokes that nobody else is going to get. You seemed to be laughing at things that just didn't seem funny. Keep in mind your audience wasn't with you all these years of being friends and won't get those references. Also, when someone meets you in person are you going to talk like this? With words like DEE - LAY... be yourself, have energy, but if you get too close to what radio people call "Puke Voice" it turns people off.

I would go to and get a domain and point it toward your podomatic site (podomatic is a horrible media host, see and use the coupon code sopfree and we can import your show for free). If you need a quick easy website see for a great tool to make a website for podcasters. Also, you need to be able to subscribe to your show in Apple, Google, Spotify at a minimum (I would add Amazon and more).

I liked the audio, and the energy. Get a little focused, and make it easy to subscribe to your show to grow your audience.

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