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The Half Time Orange Podcast - Half Time Orange EPISODE 20, 10th December 2020
How to really explore your market
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How to really explore your market

In this episode, Brenton is joined by Bec Faye, a Multi-Sided Marketplace Optimisation & Growth Specialist & the creator of ‘The Marketplace Growth Story Accelerator Blueprint.’

Today's guest joins us from New South Wales to discuss her work, as well as how to get the most out of a marketplace. This is extremely valuable for anyone who operates in a marketplace or is exploring a new one. 

Bec also explains why her favourite thing to do with her clients is a workshop and create a market toolkit that is right for them; helping them to obtain and understand critical data about their users. Plus, we explore how understanding the 8 pillars in her blueprint can help you to succeed in your marketplace. 

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