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Lender Profile: Caleb Jennings
Episode 1330th September 2021 • Real Estate Moguls • The Face of Chicago Business
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On this episode of the Real Estate Moguls Podcast, Caleb Jennings, originally from Elgin, IL, sits down and chats about his journey to real estate. 

Making his way from Elgin Community College to UIC, Caleb’s first plan was to go into academia combining his love of History and Political Science. That led to an introduction to the labor movement where he worked for a Union for 17 years. Eventually, Caleb credits his best friend to helping him make the transition out of the world:

“He's always been in my ear saying, ‘Hey, you work really hard. If you came into the mortgage business you could do pretty well.”

Moving full steam ahead into this new unchartered world with Compass Mortgage, Caleb was able to bridge his previous life with his new life. Since beginning his mortgage journey, he has helped many union workers, especially at the Ford Plant.

“We give them discounts on closing costs and it was a way to tap into the community that I knew.”

Caleb shares the key to his success working with agents. It comes down to three main things: closing on time, communicating consistently and weekly, and following up on every referral. On another side of it, he works closely on community strategies. 

“It's like I identified a community and I, how can I engage that community in different ways to get better?”

Caleb also shares how he built a strong team around him and strong relationships with people from agents, to attorneys to help create a strong approach to his clients. Whether you’re looking to level up your own business strategy or you’re getting started on your journey, tune in and hear how Caleb was able to create a strong, successful business.