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An LDN Patient's Story- Misty Rushing, CRNA
Episode 829th February 2020 • The LDN Radio Show About Low Dose Naltrexone • Linda Elsegood
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Misty Rushing is a CRNA (nurse anesthesiologist) and a Functional Medicine Advocate. She has been dealing with chronic illness since contracting lyme disease from a known tick bite in 2009. In 2010, she was diagnosed with lupus but later learned she had lyme disease after being tested. Doxycycline antibiotic and herbal tinctures were used to treat the lyme disease putting lupus into remission. In 2012 she experienced new symptoms including shortness of breath, severe fatigue and irritability. In March 2013 she was diagnosed with severe Pulmonary Hypertension secondary to Limited Systemic Sclerosis or Scleroderma. She became disabled and oxygen dependent overnight and told she had 5-10 years to live. Conventional medicine stabilized her but it was Functional Medicine that truly helped her recover. She started sharing her research on social media which led to the formation of a Facebook group called Scleroderma and Functional Medicine. Using her medical background as a nurse and anesthetist along with her insatiable desire to continue learning, she curates content and provides resources to the Scleroderma patient community free of charge. She began using LDN in 2017 to help halt the progression of Scleroderma and has experienced great results. She encourages everyone diagnosed with scleroderma to consider it as a therapeutic treatment.