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Episode 6426th June 2023 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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Michele has a NEW Podcast - Join her over at 'Sellable Art That Feels Like Me' to hear more.

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As of July 2023, we won't be posting new episodes here but you can connect with Bec & Michele and continue the conversation via the links below.


This is the final episode of the Unearthing Art Podcast for the foreseeable future BUT Bec and Michele are excited about what’s coming next. They chat about honestly assessing your creative projects and the signs of when it might be time to let go of what feels routine to welcome in something new.


It’s been a wonderful experience having these conversations with you, our Unearthing Art listeners—we hope you stay in touch via the links below and that we connect with you again very soon.


Let's continue the conversation in OriginArt

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New Podcast: 'Sellable Art That Feels Like Me'

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