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The Veterinarian Success Podcast - Isaiah Douglass EPISODE 76, 28th February 2021
#76 Legend Thurman - Governmental Roles within Vet Med
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#76 Legend Thurman - Governmental Roles within Vet Med

In this episode, I'm joined by Legend Thurman who is a third-year veterinary medicine student currently working towards her DVM at Royal Veterinary College in London with an emphasis in governmental and rehabilitative outreach based on the realm of the AVMA Agenda.

  • How she chose RVC and the move to London.
  • Culturally differences in London vs. Washington
  • How to get experience in governmental work within veterinary medicine.
  • Networking and finding opportunities.
  • Why governmental work matters and what her ideal role would be.
  • A special project she is working on.
  • Her role within SAVMA and how the organization has impacted her life.

Legend's LinkedIn