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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 24th January 2020
Bonus: Yay For Today with Sydney Hambach Republished
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Bonus: Yay For Today with Sydney Hambach Republished

In today's fun bonus episode, I'm republishing my conversation with Yay for Today's, Sydney Hambach. Yay for Today is a fun, feel-good fitness brand that encourages followers to find a little Yay in everyday. Sidney talks about how she started out as a broadcast journalist and wanted a more family-friendly career once she had her son. She created this brand to help people get through the hard times in life with some cheer and develop healthy habits along the way.

Sidney now has her own line of fun athletic apparel that can be found at: https://yay-for-today.com/. She can also be found on Instagram @yayfortoday_. Check out her fun and colorful feed and her adventurous and optimistic outlook. And keep looking for that yay in everyday.

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