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#9 Jim Brindestine - All Things Construction & Being Your True Authentic Self
Episode 923rd June 2019 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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My guest on today's show is Jim Brindestine founder and owner of BuildSmart Construction. We talk about starting a construction business in the depths of the great financial crisis. How Veterinarians became a niche. How he started and how BuildSmart Construction evolved into what it does today, and the entrepreneurial journey lessons which are applicable to veterinarians thinking of doing a start-up. How treating people the right way and communication have built his business. How to interview and evaluate a builder or contractor for a project. Don’t forget to listen to the end where he talks about success and ultimately what he doesn’t want to become. I hope you enjoy this open conversation about being your true authentic self with Jim Brindestine. 

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