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The Importance Of Purpose In Leadership
Episode 255th July 2022 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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The pursuit and fulfillment of one's life purpose can significantly impact many areas of their life, especially for those in leadership roles. So how does such a personal aspect affect the success of leaders in business and organizational settings?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by guest Robb Holman, CEO of global leadership consultancy Holman International. Robb has leadership expertise as an executive coach, global keynote speaker, best-selling author of three leadership books, and host of his podcast "Inside Out Leadership." Together, Robb and Jennifer share their thoughts on transformational leadership and the importance of purpose for leaders in the workplace.

How Does Leader’s Purpose Affect the Organization?

Introducing Robb Holman (00:21)

Our host Jen introduces guest speaker Robb Holman, an internationally recognized and sought-after leadership professional. Robb has honed his skills in developing authentic relationships and supporting people in their paths to success by applying his Inside Out leadership philosophy and principles.

Leader's Purpose and the Organization (5:55)

How does the leader's purpose impact the organization? Jen and Robb discuss ways that leaders aligning with their purpose can help them find a sense of direction and positively affect the individuals they lead.

Things to Consider to Determine Personal Purpose (7:28)

Robb believes that when we truly understand or awaken to embrace our uniqueness and individual identity, we can better understand our purpose. Robb lists five practical areas that he believes leaders should consider to help them determine their purpose and embrace who they are.

Purpose Before Goals and Accomplishments (10:34)

People often prioritize their goals and accomplishments over their life purpose to achieve a sense of success and fulfillment. However, Robb explains why he believes that pursuing one's purpose should supersede everything else in life.

Where to Start? (18:26)

The first step in the journey toward aligning with your purpose is ensuring that your personal core values, strengths, passions, life, milestones, and gifts match how you live your life.

Consistency, Intentionality, and Gratitude (22:21)

According to Robb, consistency and intentionality are critical to leading others with passion, purpose, and enthusiasm. Additionally, living authentically and developing an attitude of gratitude can positively impact yourself, your team, and your organization.

Meditation and Other Lifestyle Techniques (27:52)

Robb and Jen speak on the many ways that people can work on rewiring their brains to adopt a more grateful and healthy perspective, which can lead to greater productivity.

Human Beings Not Human Doings (30:07)

So how can leaders implement these practices to help their team and organizations not just survive but also thrive? Robb and Jen discuss the importance of connecting with, valuing, and encouraging their team members.

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