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THE02: You Have Full Control Over Your Life, No Matter Your Upbringing
Episode 29th July 2018 • The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary • Josh Cary
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My guest today is Calvin Wayman. He is one of those guys that you feel like you just want to hang out with. You're not sure why but whether you find him online via social media, his website, his incredible YouTube channel, his book… you immediately feel a connection to this normal regular guy.

And that’s what’s so refreshing about Calvin. He is normal and he is regular (by his own admission). But he’s also so wildly engaging, fascinating and successful.

He’s arrived at his happy place from a very unconventional past. If you think that your upbringing, your family life, or your childhood is any excuse for not achieving your goals or for not finding yourself on the exact path you deep down inside so desperately want to be on, just wait until you hear how Calvin grew up!

The point is always you today right now have full control of your life. You can at any moment make a different choice, no matter how big or how small to adjust the direction of your life or the outcome of any situation.

And personally, it took me decades to believe that fact, embrace that idea, and put it into daily practice.

I hope hearing Calvin’s story and his journey helps you to uncover more of the extraordinary that is currently living inside you. Here we go...

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