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The Evolution of Payroll in Fintech: Innovative Strategies with Pavel Shynkarenko #135
Episode 1352nd January 2024 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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🎧 - "The Evolution of Payroll in Fintech: Innovative Strategies with Pavel Shynkarenko"

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🎙️ In this episode, hosted by Nick Day, CEO at JGA Recruitment, we delve into the dynamic world of payroll with our esteemed guest, Pavel Shynkarenko.

💼 Pavel is the mastermind behind Solar Staff, a fintech company revolutionising payroll solutions for freelancers. Discover how Solar Staff and its innovative Fintech payroll Solution has soared to a staggering 12 million USD in revenue in 2022, marking a 196% YoY growth! 📈

🎤 Key Topics Discussed:

  • The essence of payroll and Pavel's journey into this sector.
  • The inception of Solar Staff and its impact on freelance payroll.
  • Challenges in payrolling freelancers and the solutions Solar Staff offers.
  • Fintech business expansion strategies and handling regulatory changes.
  • Major fintech trends impacting payroll.
  • Common pitfalls for fintech companies going global and how to avoid them.
  • The evolving future of payroll and advice for payroll leaders.

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