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Nathan Smith: Fair Mormon Apologist, Missionary PTSD Survivor, Post Mormon Podcaster
Episode 1910th March 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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In this episode, Mormonish Podcast cohosts Rebecca and Landon visit with Nathan Smith of "Mind Makes This World Podcast." Nathan is an absolutely wonderful and unique individual! As a teenager he was actually an apologist for Fair Mormon and helped provide answers to many people who were struggling with their faith. During that time he went through his own faith transition, yet still decided to serve an LDS mission. While on his mission, he had many life-changing experiences that resulted in PTSD and some pretty serious trauma. Finding his way back from that led Nathan to explore eastern spiritual practices and the healing art of meditation. Nathan eventually started his ownn podcast, "Mind Makes This World Podcast" where he explores all of these practices and concepts. Join us as we learn more about Nathan's remarkable journey of healing and self discovery!

Nathan's Podcast: