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004: As a Retiree Your Investment Strategy Needs to Balance Time and Risk
Episode 412th May 2022 • Retirement Equals Freedom • Josh Bretl
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You’d think retiring with a big pile of money is pretty much the Golden Ticket to non-stop good times, but – spoiler alert – it turns out that spending strategically is also a thing.

If we don’t? More and more people are living longer and, well, no one wants to outlive their bank balance.

The goal here is to enjoy our bucket lists, maintain a healthy emergency fund and ultimately still have some inheritance left for relatives who were nice to us. It’s a complicated equation, which is why The Retirement Equals Freedom Podcast is here to help get it sorted out.

Josh Bretl, CPA and owner of FSR Wealth Strategies, is focused this episode on the tricky business of investment management. In retirement the whole calculus in terms of time and risk has to change and too often financial planners don’t know how to adapt or serve their clients well in this next phase.

We learn that free meals can be a great marketing tool, not only for drawing prospective clients but also – to Josh’s surprise – for educating people like trusty sidekick Dave Schmidt, who goes 2-for-2 on a little pop quiz.

His arts degree didn’t exactly prepare him for crunching numbers, but we’re seeing an encouraging learning curve here (despite the disruptive slurping – with apologies to Dave’s mom).

Josh keeps us on track with informative highlights from a recent FSR Wealth Strategies lunch presentation and a recap of what we’ve been learning about the jigsaw puzzle that is retirement planning.

Join Josh and Dave next episode, when the focus shifts from income sources and investment management to the super-important topic of tax planning. Sound a little dry and confusing?

You clearly haven’t experienced Josh’s “not boring” take on this topic. Dave promises: It’ll be a hoot. Let’s hold him to it ...





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