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Ikigai & The Career of the Future - with Kate Roberts
Episode 224th May 2023 • Sex, Body, and Soul • Kate Roberts
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"Ikigai" is the Japanese word for long happy healthy life. There is a reason that the Japanese live long healthy lives. It's fuelled with life of purpose. On this show I talk about finding your own Ikigai as a guest of the "Strategic Momentum" podcast with host Connie Steele. We talk about the methodology of how to find your purpose whether it's being a mother or starting a company, using my own personal story and journey of starting The Body Agency. We look at the Ikigai framework of what you are good at, what is your passion, what gap are we filling and what can you get paid for, while having great impact. At the core of us, it's finding true happiness, we spend a lot of hours at work and there is nothing worse than watching the clock. Imagine a world were you get up everyday with enthusiasm for what we do. It's the job and career of the future.