Creative Marketing Strategies During COVID with Yelp's Emily Washcovick
Episode 45th June 2020 • Order Up • National Restaurant Association
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The new normal for restaurants, at least for the foreseeable future, is largely dependent on curbside pickup and delivery. However, if you’re not communicating things like store hours or contactless payment options with potential patrons, you lose out on traffic.

Emily Washcovick is a Small Business Expert at Yelp. She helps businesses utilize Yelp’s free tools to connect with customers. She is our guest this week on Order Up and she has lots of great tips to help restaurants get the word out about their businesses.

She explains cost per click rates, why you need an email newsletter, and the importance of tools such as Waitlist. Listen to the episode if you’ve been struggling to effectively communicate your restaurant’s message during COVID.

  • [00:50] - Interview with Emily Washcovick
  • [03:07] - Communication challenges
  • [10:57] - Sponsor: ServSafe
  • [11:13] - Marketing prioritization
  • [15:23] - Rules of reputation management
  • [20:56] - Tools for restaurants to communicate with their audiences
  • [23:40] - Honest, open, & clear
  • [25:02] - Heartwarming collaboration
  • [27:33] - Sponsor: ServSafe

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