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Future of Agriculture 047: Rural Living Sheep Ranching and Totes MaGoats with Sara Hollenbeck of Hollenbeck Ranch
5th April 2017 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Today’s guest grew up in Grass Valley, California. Sara Hollenbeck lives with her husband on a ranch in Molt, Montana called the Hollenbeck Ranch. Together with her husband and in-laws, Sara manages a sheep operation in Molt on top of many other diverse things they do on the farm.

On today’s episode, Sara talks about an unfamiliar topic to many – sheep operation. She discusses the necessary tasks and human resources it takes to keep the operation running smoothly. She also shares who Totes MaGoats is, how her lamb company was born, and how she was able to open the community to eating lamb.


“The people I’m focused on are the ones that are interested, or curious even, about where their food is coming from or how their food is being raised.” – Sara Hollenbeck


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Brief background about the sheepherders and reasons why their presence and the H-2A program play a vital role in the sheep operation
  • Where the sheep ranch gets the majority of its revenue
  • The importance of breeding on the quality of the meat and wool and reasons why it is important to focus on the latter
  • Sheep shearing and why it is considered the “fun time” in the ranch
  • Sara's goals for the future of the ranch

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