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Leadership Team Building For PE Firms Starring Kevin Murphy
Episode 293rd October 2022 • 100 Days and Beyond • Dudley Peacock
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Welcome to another episode of 100 days and beyond with Kevin Murphy.

He is the CEO & founder of the International Strategic Board Advisory Business. He is an influential leader delivering high-impact results through strategy, direction and decision-making. He can deep-dive scenarios, solve complex problems (root causes), stabilise businesses and achieve regulatory alignment before accelerating growth.


Kevin has been in financial services focusing on payments for over 20 years. He has significant experience in growing, turning around and restructuring businesses in Ireland, the UK, Europe & North America for a portfolio of PE firms, large PLCs (BANK OF IRELAND GROUP PLC) and privately-owned companies.

Leadership strategies and challenges of CEO

• Strategies

Kevin believes that as a CEO, you need to do three things to make the PE businesses succeed.

1. You have to have a plan and you are required to have a structure and an organisation.

2. Get an experienced team that can execute the plan. Experienced people can work out regulatory issues.

3. It is critical to start making the decision and transform yourself to inject momentum into business and move things forward.

• Challenges

Kevin says that when you’re facing challenges with your business, the key thing is to communicate around it and dig up all issues that are needed to be addressed to move forward. Plan to resolve the issues.

You should be honest and direct with your colleagues and stakeholders. You must learn from your mistakes.


To make the carve-out successful and get the business ready for sale, you need to understand the business and deal with the issues to grow it and then sell it. The First three months are very crucial in injecting pace, finding out the issues, assessing the people, building plans and communicating very powerfully to the people in the business. You need experienced people.

Strategy is 95% above execution. You can have the best strategy in the world, but you must be prepared to do the grind day in day and out focus. Manage and lead the business to solve the customer’s issues and satisfy them to get revenue.

To more details, tune into the Podcast.

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